Strengthen Your Community

Develop Successful Projects

From sewer systems to leadership development, NEOEDD provides a wide variety of services to help governments and community groups successfully implement projects needed in their communities. Our staff can help with project development including planning, budgeting and financing. We can also assist you with grantwriting and grant administration.

We can provide training and facilitation for your boards or committees so they can be more effective and have greater success in completing projects, making decisions and engaging the public. We also provide referrals to public and private partners to help you find the financial and planning resources you need.

You are welcome to contact NEOEDD staff at any time to discuss your technical assistance needs: 541-426-3598 or 800-645-9454.

NEOEDD also has experience helping cities and counties with two important funding streams: Community Development Block Grants and Economic Development Administration Grants. Another way to attract and pursue funding is using an online platform called Agora; a brochure explaining how it can help is here.

Planning for the Future

NEOEDD provides assistance to communities, non-profits and governments that are interested in planning for the future of their community or organization.

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning involves analyzing the current situation, identifying goals and the action steps needed to accomplish the goals, and allocating financial and human resources to carry out the actions. It also involves setting up communication and leadership roles to provide accountability for implementing actions and for communicating successes and challenges to everyone involved.

Who should be involved?

Those with an interest in the outcome, and those who have the responsibility to allocate resources and do the work of implementing the plan. This could include board members, organizational staff, clients, policy makers, and community residents. There are various ways to include stakeholder and public input into the strategic-planning process.

Program Administration / Staffing

NEOEDD offers staffing services for regional and local organizations. These contract services are typically sought by groups and committees who are charged with administering programs and managing financial resources, but who do not wish to hire employees. We can also provide interim services while you are between staff members, if necessary.

NEOEDD currently serves as staff and fiscal administrator for Northeast Oregon Business Development, a non-profit organization that offers business loans in Baker, Union and Wallowa counties. In the past, we have provided staffing services to regional strategies boards and the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority.

Public Grants

Community Development Block Grants

Community Development Block Grants are available to low- and moderate-income communities for certain types of community facilities and infrastructure. NEOEDD can help you apply for the grant and can also administer the grant for you once the project is underway. A portion of the grant funds can be used to pay for NEOEDD’s help with grant administration and compliance.

Economic Development Administration Grants

Grants from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) are very competitive. EDA funds infrastructure and planning projects (master plans, engineering studies, etc.) in economically distressed areas where job creation and private investment is expected as an outcome of the federal investment. NEOEDD can help identify and develop projects for EDA funding. We can help make sure the project is ready to apply and assist you with putting together the grant application. Once a project receives EDA funds, NEOEDD will act as liaison between you and EDA to help resolve any questions or issues that may arise. If you think you might have a project that could qualify for EDA funding, give us a call.