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Free Foundations Business Planning Classes in Enterprise

NEOEDD will offer a seven-week series of Foundations business planning classes in Enterprise (location TBA) starting Monday, February 17, from 6 to 9 p.m.

The seven-session series of classes will take current and prospective business owners through the process of assessing their business plan and help them answer a questions about pricing, marketing, profit potential, break-even point and business structure. The classes are interactive, and participants will be encouraged to complete a written business plan by the end of the class.

Here’s what former class participants have to say about the Foundations class:
• “The class helped me better understand the business world, business terms and to explore how much it really costs for me to produce my product.”
• “Working out a unit of sales, finding a break-even point and using formulas to help predict future income was very helpful.”
• “The size of the class [six to eight people] worked well because we were exposed to several types of businesses and the challenges faced by each.”
• “The instructor did an amazing job and has a wealth of knowledge and ideas.”
• “The class helped me with the planning, networking and encouragement needed to proceed with my idea.”
• “I learned how to do a more detailed analysis of financials and projected costs.”
• “I was able to revise my business plan to better meet my goals.”

Classes are free for participants. Pre-registration is required and the classes will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact NEOEDD at 541-426-3598 or 800-645-9454 if you have any questions, or to pre-register.

The classes are subsidized by the Oregon Community Development Block Grant program, and the program requires a minimum of 51% of class participants to meet low/moderate income requirements. Documentation of household financial income will be required of all participants.