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Community Capital

You don’t have to be a millionaire to invest in your economy.

Want to support your neighborhood business? Be a small-town “angel” investor! Typical angel investors look for businesses that can grow quickly and then be sold. Small-town "angels" deal with smaller amounts of money and are interested in the long-term success of a business that will sustain a community, not abandon it.

“Community capital” is one way to express the idea that a town or county can, and should, support its own economy to the greatest extent possible. Entrepreneurs don’t think twice about relying on banks for loans and lines of credit. And people don’t think twice about investing their retirement funds in companies that are far from their own towns.

What if we had other options? Redirecting local money from Wall Street onto Main Street doesn’t just make sense, it makes cents—and dollars!

It’s time for people in Northeast Oregon to learn more about their legal right to invest in local business. A little goes a long way. Even $100—when combined with other investors’ $100—can help an entrepreneur start or improve a business, and the investor might receive a modest financial return, in addition to intangible returns such as nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, helping a friend, or giving young adults a reason to return to the region after college.

There are a number of forms of community capital:
Donation-Based Crowdfunding
Product Pre-Sale
Personal Loan
Equity Investment
Community Public Offering
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NEOEDD has been exploring creative-capital strategies for a number of years:
What Is Community Capital?
Background of NEOC3
NEOC3 Programming
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A new nonprofit has formed! Check out the National Coalition for Community Capital