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Comprehensive Plan


The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, affectionately known as the CEDS, gives public and private entities an opportunity to consider an inventory of major projects that could benefit the region as a whole, and to prioritize them in a formal way. The CEDS is useful for local government and nonprofits when considering funding and logistics. NEOEDD is required by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to maintain a CEDS in order to qualify as an economic development district.

The CEDS is a communications tool and not a funding mechanism itself. However, it helps NEOEDD staff refer potential funding sources to pending projects. NEOEDD shares the CEDS with federal funding agencies (including EDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development) and state and federal legislators. The State of Oregon also uses it to inform its Regional Solutions Team projects.

In 2016, a new innovation is available that will connect project supporters with potential funders, create greater visibility for projects, and keep project descriptions up-to-date. That innovation is an online platform called Agora.

“Agora was originally piloted with the Mid-Columbia Economic Development District in 2014,” says NEOEDD Executive Director Lisa Dawson. “We and a few other areas of Oregon make up the next phase of expansion. I like this platform because it brings more life to a project than a description in a spreadsheet, and it will give us a way to see what’s being proposed across the state.”

Community leaders, such as city and county staff, elected officials, regional coordinators, and nonprofit directors, are encouraged to register projects for which they seek funding by March 31, 2016. NEOEDD staff will then review each project proposal and provide free consultation about ways to make each proposal stronger and more compelling to potential funders.

In order to take advantage of the Agora platform and NEOEDD's technical assistance, project supporters need to create a profile for their organization here. Once logged in, users can create networks of other community leaders and organizations and view their projects. And users can, of course, upload their own projects, called “deals.”

Private capital providers, such as state and federal agencies, community foundations, and banks, and philanthropic sector individuals and organizations are also encouraged to register so they can view projects and consider them for funding.

A quick video overview of Agora is available here. Testimonials from the beta phase are here. A brochure outlining the basics of Agora is here. If you have questions about creating an Agora account or uploading a deal, contact Lisa, Sara, or Kristy at NEOEDD, 541-426-3598.


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