NEOEDD offers the Business Foundations and CO.STARTERS CORE workshops periodically throughout the year and others on an as-available basis. Subscribe to the NEOEDD newsletter to get up-to-the-date notices about upcoming classes. 

Business Foundations

Business Foundations is a six-week course that walks through the basics, giving participants the tools to finish a business plan and ensure their business idea is viable. Workshop topics: 

·      Gaining Perspective: Consider your business concept.

·      Laying the Foundation: Define line of business and analyze financial essentials, from overhead costs to break-even point.

·      Getting into the Flow: Cover the financial essentials of cash flow, sales forecasting, and financial documents.

·      Mission & Markets: Mission, discuss market research, and identify competitors in order to align with target markets.

·      Get the Word Out: Discuss creative marketing strategies and give peer feedback on marketing materials.

·      Goodbye & Good Luck: Present your business plan, share final pitch, and plan for next steps.

Co.starters core

CO.STARTERS CORE is a 10-week course that is ideal for someone with a business idea. The program will guide you through a time-tested path to launch your small business dream. The course focuses on assessing the customer demand and getting your product/service to market. 

You will:

·      Develop and fine tune your idea and gain a deeper understanding of how to create a sustainable business and bring your idea to life.

·      Make progress faster and with more confidence because you will develop skills to understand your market and focus on the most critical activities to move forward.

·      Receive real-time feedback from a facilitator trained by a nationally-recognized organization focused exclusively on helping starters launch their business ideas.

·      Become part of a larger community of peers, mentors, and business services that will help you accomplish your goals.

CO.STARTERS Core will help if you are starting a business or if you are stuck and your business isn’t moving forward.

Over 21,400 Small Businesses have been supported and “starters” who graduate from Core have a 97% 1-Year Survival Rate!

Destination Creation

In the Destination Creation workshop series, you will learn how to change your business into a Consumer Destination that is consistently preferred by your customers, helping your business capture more market share, even when larger, better-capitalized competitors seemingly have the advantage. As a business owner, you will learn how to use the strategy and tools to keep local customers spending money with your business, and how to immediately start drawing customers from well beyond your immediate marketplace. This series will give you the framework for how to think about your business and how you will position your business to become a destination that customers will frequent.

The destination business concepts will be presented in recorded videos by small business mentor and professional speaker Jon Schallert. NEOEDD’s Executive Director, Lisa Dawson is a certified facilitator of the program. She will bring decades of experience working with businesses to the online discussions about the concepts. 

The program comprises eight chapters which are covered in six two-hour session:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Becoming a Destination Business
  • Chapter 2: Foundation of a Destination Business & COVID-19 Bonus Workshop
  • Chapter 3: Leadership Responsibility
  • Chapter 4: Targeting Your Most Profitable Customers
  • Chapter 5: Capturing Consumer Media Attention
  • Chapter 6: Creating Ultra-Services & Customer Focus
  • Chapter 7: Marketing the Destination Business
  • Chapter 8: Collective Marketing

Learning materials including webinars may be accessed via computer or mobile device for up to six months following the class


Small business entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, but the path forward isn’t always clear. During this Bootcamp, you’ll work with peers to strategize, problem-solve, and apply business basics to your idea or venture. Our goal is to challenge you, stretch your thinking, and give you concrete tools to bring your business to life.


This workshop will help you to:

·      Understand your business model and how to refine it using customer input.

·      Learn how to market your business and gain customer awareness.

·      Understand the importance of business structures and protecting your business name.

·      Build momentum with smart goal setting.

This workshop is 2 days of hard work. You have to be committed and attendance at both days is necessary. There will be a light breakfast each morning and lunch will be provided. There is no cost to attend but since seats are limited, please ensure you are available and engaged. 

Technical Assistance Request

Do you want to start a new business, access capital, or improve your business image, social media marketing, website, bookkeeping or business plan? We can help.

Technical assistance includes consulting with staff on pain points in your business, how to start or transition your business, marketing, management or how to access capital for your business, referrals to other resources or just someone to talk to. It can include classes and workshops if we find people need the same type of assistance that can be provided in a group setting. If you have completed a draft business plan (we can help with that), we can also include referrals to experts who can provide bookkeeping advice, accounting or legal consultations, website support, graphic design or social media marketing.

This service is brought to you by Ignite Center for Entrepreneurship, the City of La Grande Economic Development Department and the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District.

Funding provided by Business Oregon.

The registration form includes questions to collect demographic data. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and view data as an essential tool to help track our progress in serving the region’s communities and to help our staff improve our programs and services. Personal information is held in confidence and will only be used after it is aggregated. Information on income levels helps us determine if grant funding can be used to help cover the cost of offering the workshops. If you identify as low-moderate income, we will contact you to request income documentation. If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact [email protected] 


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