Who We Serve

Small business & entrepreneurs

NEOEDD supports small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for information on how to start or grow their businesses, test their business ideas, and get training and assistance. 

NEOEDD provides:

  • Business loans
  • Individual Development Account matched savings program
  • Business planning classes
  • Co:Starters CORE classes
  • Oregon Native Entrepreneur classes
  • Destination Creation classes
  • Specific subject matter classes such as marketing, social media, etc.
  • One-on-one counseling and referrals

City/county representative

NEOEDD supports NE Oregon’s municipalities by providing information and assistance to community leaders and government employees.

Staff are available to provide a number of services on a contract basis:

  • Administering Community Development Block Grant funds and certified payroll
  • Facilitating meetings and strategic planning sessions
  • Collecting public input
  • Researching project feasibility
  • Assisting with procurement 
  • Providing organizational and project development services 
  • Grant-writing 
  • Working on internal or external Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) issues

Non-profit representative

NEOEDD supports Northeast Oregon’s nonprofit staff and board members by strengthening their ability to fulfill their community-based missions.

NEOEDD can help a nonprofit build its fundraising strategy with the four-part GrantReady workshop and by providing contracted services. 

Staff are available for hire to provide a number of services, including:

  • Grant-writing and administration
  • Facilitation of board meetings and strategic planning
  • Board development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing plans
  • Organizational and project development
  • Employment issues
  • Internal or external Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Fiscal sponsorship and program administration


The four-part GrantReady workshop series provides organizational development and grant-writing training with tools and skills needed to help nonprofits become more competitive for grant funding, and better prepared to operate and evaluate their programs and projects.

The two-part Journey to Equity workshop provides the framework for understanding the complexity of diversity and inclusion in a rural area, completing an organizational assessment and outlining an equity plan and equity statement.

The best way to know when workshops are available is to subscribe to the NEOEDD newsletter.

Recommended Nonprofit Resources

Project Submission Form: Baker, Union, and Wallowa Counties

Please use this form to submit projects for potential inclusion in the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Once projects are included, you can use the CEDS to demonstrate that your project has been listed in a regional plan. Projects should have a positive impact on economic or community development.

To be included in the CEDS, projects must have a public or non-profit sponsor. Private projects should not be submitted and will not be included in the CEDS.

You may submit multiple projects by returning to this page. The space for providing answers will expand. Please rank the projects that you are submitting, with 1 being your first priority, 2 your second priority, and so on.

The NEOEDD board will consider new project additions at their quarterly meetings.