Who We Are


The Northeast Oregon Economic Development District (NEOEDD) is a nonprofit organization that was established in 1985 by an intergovernmental agreement between Baker, Union, and Wallowa counties. We are governed by a board composed of city, county, higher education and private sector representatives. A majority of our board members are appointed by the Boards of Commissioners for Baker, Union and Wallowa counties.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to a vibrant rural economy by providing consulting, training, financing, referrals and other assistance to businesses, entrepreneurs, local governments and non-profit organizations in Northeast Oregon 

Vision Statement

Northeast Oregon is a place where people want to live and work, with a diversity of successful businesses and living wage jobs, resilient and accessible essential services, abundant natural and cultural resources, and many opportunities for people to gather, learn from and help one another. 


Organizational Values

Accessible to all – Remove barriers and encourage people to engage in services and programs and participate in employment, leadership or partnership opportunities.
Open to learning – Explore and experiment with various approaches to develop projects that can positively contribute to community/economic development; track our progress and look for new opportunities and perspectives.

Work with others – Collaborate internally and externally to achieve common goals; invite and include diverse partners; serve in convenor, leadership or supportive roles.

Build on what we have – Find new ways to fill resource gaps; cultivate and leverage relationships and use financial and other resources wisely. 

Celebrate progress – Share recognition of people and successes, as well as insights made possible by challenges and set-backs; act with compassion, honor experience, and make time to listen. 


Regional Values

Stakeholder engagement during development of the 2023-2028 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy resulted in a set of regional values that are important for us to consider as we seek to support and grow the Northeastern Oregon economy.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

NEOEDD is committed to understanding and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within its own organization as well as within the community at large. Some of the ways we do this are:

  • Seeking out learning, listening and partnership opportunities
  • Hosting workshops for nonprofits and employers
  • Inviting the public to conversations sponsored by Oregon Humanities
  • Encouraging our board of directors to participate in DEI training opportunities and conversations
  • Becoming part of an informal community of practice in the region, sharing referrals and resources and networking with other organizations

Read the testimonials of area nonprofits about the value of their DEI training experiences here.

NEOEDD’s equity statement:

“NEOEDD board and staff have a variety of experiences and perceptions about how diversity, inequity, and exclusion impact our region. We are committed to honest dialogue that encourages our staff and board members to reflect, listen, and learn from one another’s experiences in order to further understand the disparities in our communities and economy. We recognize that we can learn from people in our region and other nonprofits, and will seek out resources and data that can help us examine our assumptions and whether our stated values are reflected in the operations, activities, and leadership of NEOEDD.”

Budget Documents

2023-2024 Budget Documents: Budget Message, Adopted BudgetFund Descriptions

2021 Tax Filings: 990 PackageSchedule B

Project Submission Form: Baker, Union, and Wallowa Counties

Please use this form to submit projects for potential inclusion in the Northeast Oregon Economic Development District’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Once projects are included, you can use the CEDS to demonstrate that your project has been listed in a regional plan. Projects should have a positive impact on economic or community development.

To be included in the CEDS, projects must have a public or non-profit sponsor. Private projects should not be submitted and will not be included in the CEDS.

You may submit multiple projects by returning to this page. The space for providing answers will expand. Please rank the projects that you are submitting, with 1 being your first priority, 2 your second priority, and so on.

The NEOEDD board will consider new project additions at their quarterly meetings.