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Successful Entrepreneurship Mindset

“Successful Entrepreneurship Mindset”  Hybrid Workshop

Presented by Kiyomi Koike, Kominka Life Coaching

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We understand that the path of entrepreneurship is both thrilling and challenging. If you find yourself at the crossroads of uncertainty or feel overwhelmed by the journey, our upcoming workshop is crafted just for you.

This workshop is designed for you if:

  • You dream of starting a business but are unsure where to begin.
  • The excitement of launching your business has subsided and needs a boost to stay motivated.
  • You’re a brick-and-mortar business owner aiming to expand into the digital realm.
  • Your quality products and services are showcased on a website, but visitors are scarce.
  • Your services are listed on Fiverr, yet the inquiries seem elusive.
  • The vast to-do list from a business improvement class feels daunting and overwhelming.
  • You’re feeling stuck, helpless, or defeated by the challenges you’re currently facing.
  • You know you need to take action, but you often procrastinate.
  • You know you need help, but you feel bad asking for help.

Mindset to Propel Your Business Forward is a Skill

Developing a thriving business requires a skillset that you might have never been taught. The foundation of the skillset, the “successful entrepreneurship mindset,” is likely one of them. Because it is a skill, you can learn it—and once you learn to use the skill, it will stay with you, like a skill to ride a bicycle.

When you apply this skill to your business, you’ll gain clarity, certainty, and confidence, and you’ll see you are making massive actions to create massive results.

Our “Successful Entrepreneurship Mindset” workshop promises to be a game-changer for your business journey.

When you complete this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Develop Skills to Expand Your Capacity–Rediscover the latent potential within you.
  • Stay Calm and Empower Yourself–Learn strategies to maintain composure and to stay in control.
  • Find or Create Opportunities–Identify opportunities even in challenging situations.
  • Capitalize Opportunities into Desired Results–Transform opportunities into tangible, meaningful outcomes.
  • Breakthrough Barriers and Elevate Your Business–Overcome obstacles and take your business to the next level.


  • Introduction
  • Gain Clarity—Belief in your business
    • Why is your business essential to you?
    • Why is it crucial for your customers?
    • Define your products and services, understanding their impact.
    • Craft a compelling story to connect with your potential customers.
  • Gain Certainty –3 major skills to get the results you want
    • Troubleshooting Skill
    • Decision making Skill
    • How to process emotions – what is holding you back from “selling”?
  • Gain Confidence
    • Understand the essence of self-confidence.
    • Overcome the shadows of self-doubt.
    • Recognize the emotional stakes for you and your customers.
    • Develop strategies to stay calm, reframe perspectives, and make conscious decisions.
  • Q&A


There is a $30 fee for this class. If you are a resident of Oregon and would like to apply for a scholarship for this workshop, please complete Scholarship Registration (RSVP) and go through the qualification process at https://www.reinventingrural.com/eeip/.

About Kiyomi Koike

Kiyomi Koike founded SEI MEE TEA, an organic Japanese green tea company trusted by health professionals. Throughout her 20 years in business, she has enjoyed serving customers, many with serious health issues. She heard their fears and felt their sincere prayers, leading her to become a certified life coach. Realizing the skills that coaching teaches are vital for business success, her passion is coaching people to achieve goals with clarity, certainty, and confidence.

While developing a thriving business, Koike learned extensively about marketing, especially online. Over two decades, SEI MEE TEA experienced steady annual growth. Koike successfully “exited” upon achieving her goal to “graduate” when her daughter finished college. Having started SEI MEE TEA when her daughter was born, she now consults for Yu Tea Co., dba SEI MEE TEA.

Beyond coaching and consulting, Koike is a visionary for cultural empowerment. A native Japanese and proud American citizen, she brought a Kominka, a traditional Japanese folk house, from Japan to Wallowa County, Oregon, preserving Japan’s cultural assets. Koike aims to share and promote cultural diversity, offering a tranquil space in NE Oregon with a 360-degree mountain view. This Kominka provides a powerful space for people to reconnect with themselves.

Koike’s coaching is described as passionate and inspirational, offering solutions, not just sympathy or concepts. Combining life coaching expertise and entrepreneurial experience, her business coaching workshop lays an essential foundation for a successful entrepreneurship journey.

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