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CO.STARTERS CORE, La Grande, 4th Session

CO.STARTERS CORE, facilitated by Lisa Dawson

Launch your small business idea or refine your current business model through this no-cost 10-week program.

CO.STARTERS CORE walks entrepreneurs through 10 foundational topics in a cohort with other “starters” – entrepreneurs, business owners or potential business owners – who are learning together and helping each other make improvements to their business model.

Each week we’ll focus on a different topic:

Know yourself

Dig into what’s driving you and understand what it will take to achieve your dream.

Understand your customers

Pinpoint what your customer wants and how to adapt to their needs.

Business solutions & starting small

Test your solution by starting small and making adjustments as needed.

Getting, keeping, & growing customers

Build customer relationships through your messaging & marketing.

Revenue, pricing, & distribution

Figure out your logistics and how you’ll make money.

Legal & accounting

Understand the systems and structures you’ll need to support your business.

Financial modeling

Determine your costs and whether your business model is financially viable.

Funding & Raising Capital

Know your options for finding the funds you need to grow sustainably.

Growth plans & goal setting

Gain momentum and leave with a strategy for achieving your goals.


Reflect on your journey and celebrate your success. Your future starts now.

This CORE workshop will be held on Mondays starting February 6 through April 11.

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